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(Oh, and did I mention that it’s not too early to think about your Christmas shopping?)


Think Getting Credit After Bankruptcy is Impossible?

Bankruptcy literally causes your credit score to bottom out, but you can recover from a bankruptcy if you’re willing to work at it.  In fact, if you handle your finances properly after bankruptcy and start rebuilding your credit as soon as possible after your bankruptcy is discharged, you can recover long before the bankruptcy drops off your credit report.  Truthfully, you won’t see an excellent credit score, but you can build your credit up to the point that you can get a credit card, you can buy a car, and you can even buy a house, as long as you’re willing to do the financial work that it takes to get there.

How quickly you are able to re-establish credit and how much you will pay for that credit depends largely on your behavior after your bankruptcy is discharged.  If you immediately start handling your financial affairs responsibly by paying all of your bills on time, not applying for a bunch of credit all at once, and keeping your balances low when you do get credit, your credit score will begin to improve.

Wondering where you’ll be able to get credit after bankruptcy?  Unbelievably, you may begin to get credit card offers even before your bankruptcy is discharged.  Granted, these offers won’t be from the mainstream lenders that offer the best interest rates, but you will receive offers.  Chances are, these offers will be from lenders that specialize in “subprime” credit cards that target those with less than perfect credit, and chances are, the interest rate will be astronomical and there will be fees attached to the credit card they are offering.  You may even be tempted to pay those rates and those fees just to get credit of some kind.  Don’t do it – that’s not the best way to start!  There are other options.

The first, and probably the easiest, way to get started is to get a secured credit card.  Unlike a conventional credit card, a secured credit card is literally secured by a deposit that you pay when you set up the credit card account.  Typically, the amount of the security deposit will equal the amount of available credit that you have on the credit card.  But, there is a huge advantage to a secured credit card – the interest rates and fees (if any) will likely be far lower than a subprime credit card.

Other than that, it will work just like a regular credit card.  You’ll make purchases with the card, get statements in the mail or online, and you’ll make payments on the balance owed.  And, just like a conventional credit card, the secured credit card lender should report your responsible use to the major credit bureaus, thus starting you on the path to better credit.  (If they don’t report to the credit bureaus, you don’t want the card.)

Many secured credit card companies will even convert your account into a conventional, unsecured credit card account after a reasonable period of time has elapsed.  It all depends on the card you choose, so shop wisely and read the fine print!

The other way that you may try to get started on rebuilding your credit is to consider a catalog shopping or gas credit card.  Catalog shopping cards and gas credit cards are typically easier to get than conventional credit cards, but most of these lenders also report your responsible use to the major credit bureaus, so they make good starting points when you’re seriously trying to rebuild your credit score and don’t have a lot of money to put into security deposits and such.

Fingerhut is one of our favorite catalog shopping companies simply because they do work with those of us with less than perfect credit and because they’re pretty competitive in terms of interest rates, merchandise selection and pricing, and so on.  If you haven’t looked at Fingerhut in a while, you may want to look into opening a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank.

From past experience, we’ve seen lots of people recover from all kinds of credit setbacks, from multiple bankruptcies, repossessions, and more, but the single most important thing that you must remember when you are trying to rebuild your credit after a bankruptcy is that you must be willing to put in the time and the effort that it takes to get it done.

There will be times when it is discouraging… you may find that you’re turned down by some lenders, but there are lenders who will work with you as long as you’re working at it yourself, and the best way to do that is to PROVE your credit worthiness as soon as you can!

Need a Fresh Start on Your Credit?

Need a fresh start on your credit but can’t get a conventional credit card?  It can be really hard to get a fresh start when you can’t even get a credit card, especially if you’ve had a financial setback… in fact, there are times when it seems nearly impossible!  Relax, it’s not nearly as hard as you think to start rebuilding your credit score.

Of course, the first things you’ll want to do are to pay off as many of the derogatory accounts as possible, and if there are any inaccuracies, make sure that you do everything in your power to correct them – disputing something on your credit report these days is extremely simple.  It can all be done online, in a matter of minutes, and it doesn’t normally take very long for the inaccuracy to be removed. (Credit Sesame 100% Free Credit Score & Credit Monitoring is a great place to start!)

Once you’ve cleared up as much as you can on your credit report, then you’re ready to think about rebuilding your available credit and payment history, and again, that’s not nearly as difficult as it has been in the past.  You have two really good options when you can’t get a conventional credit:

Get a catalog shopping card at an online retailer like a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank.  Fingerhut is probably the best known catalog shopping merchant that you’ll find when you’re looking for a fresh start on your credit.  Unlike a lot of online retailers, Fingerhut really works with those of us with less than perfect credit, not only to give you the credit that you need, but also to help you improve your credit score in the process.  For starters, nearly everyone can get approved for a Fingerhut account just by filling out a simple application, but in the event that you don’t get approved, you may still qualify for a special “fresh start” program that Fingerhut offers (where you would pay a deposit on your first order before it’s shipped).  And you’ll love the ease of shopping at Fingerhut – they have hundreds of thousands of name brand, competitively priced items available on their site, and you’ll know up front what your monthly payments will be.  And the interest rate?  Again… very competitive!   And, most importantly, Fingerhut reports your responsible credit usage and payment history to the major credit bureaus, so you can start working on your credit score while you shop!

Check out Fingerhut today and apply for your  Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank today!


Set up a secured credit card account, like the First Progress Platinum Prestige MasterCard® Secured Credit Card.  Secured credit card accounts differ from conventional credit card accounts in that you put up a security deposit that is normally equal to your initial line of credit.  Then you simply use the credit card exactly as you would a conventional credit card, making responsible purchases, timely payments, and so on.  The credit card provider then reports your usage to the major credit bureaus, and you will begin to see an improvement in your credit score as your available credit and payment history improve.

Most secured credit cards these days offer very reasonable interest rates, low to no annual fees, and some even convert to conventional credit cards over time.  Compare offers to see which one works best for you and get started today!

As with all changes to your credit score, getting your fresh start will take time – but it can be done!

Christmas Shopping? Already?

This past weekend, I happened to be out and about shopping, running errands, and visiting.  It was unseasonably cool, with cloudy skies and a little rain, and the unmistakable feeling of Autumn was just there.  I’m not sure if it’s the total eclipse that is coming to our area within the next couple weeks, or what, but it’s there.  Of course, that automatically set me to thinking about the upcoming holidays, how much Christmas costs each year, and just how I plan to pay for all those gifts!

Fortunately, I signed up for a Fingerhut account a few years ago, so even if money is tight, I can still get all of my Christmas shopping done without ever leaving the house!  I just log onto my account, browse the hundreds of thousands of name brand, competitively priced gifts, place my order, and in no time at all, those boxes start showing up on my doorstep.  What could be easier?

And you know what’s even better?  There’s no ugly surprise come January with Fingerhut because I know when I place the order exactly how much my monthly payments will be!  That’s right, every item shows both the full price AND the monthly payment amount, so you know if you can afford it or not before you place your order – and let me tell you, if money is tight, knowing that ahead of time can make all the difference in the world when it comes time to pay the bill.

What about you?  Have you started planning this year’s Christmas budget?  Maybe you should consider a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank !

Worried you might not qualify? Fingerhut is known for working with those of us whose credit is less than perfect! Not only do most people qualify for Fingerhut, but opening a Fingerhut account will usually help you to improve your credit score (as long as you use your account responsibly, of course).

So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Get started on your Christmas shopping today!


Back to School Shopping?

Back to school shopping is a huge expense for most families… what with getting the kids new clothes, new shoes, new electronics (computers, tablets, phones), and then there are all the fees that you’re expected to pay. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with all the cash needed to get everything that you need just to get them back in school.

Did you know that Fingerhut carries brand name clothes, brand name shoes, and the latest electronics? That’s right… if the kids want it or need it, chances are Fingerhut has it! Everything from backpacks to school supplies, even things that college kids need when they head off on their own for the first time… comforters, bedding, bath accessories, even dorm sized refrigerators… if you’re looking for it, chances are you’ll find it online!

And with competitive prices, low monthly payments, and fast shipping? Fingerhut is hard to beat!

So, this year, skip the mall. Skip the big box discount store. Order it all from Fingerhut!

Credit Utilization Too High?

Did you know if you’re using over 30% of your total available credit that it’s probably hurting your credit score?  That’s right.  Credit utilization, the simple measure of how much available credit that you have at any given time, should stay at or below 30% of your total available credit.  But, how is credit utilization calculated?

Simply put, your credit utilization is figured by adding up your total credit limits and dividing that by the total of all the balances on your credit cards.  So, if you have a $1,000.00 credit limit spread across one, two, or even three cards, and the total balance that you’re carrying is $500.00, then your credit utilization is 50% and the credit bureaus take that into account when your credit score is updated every month.  Even worse, some actually look at individual balances, so if you have even one credit card that is over that 30% utilization, it may be costing you points on your credit score.

What can you do to improve your credit utilization score?

Of course, ideally it’s best to pay off the balance on all your credit cards every month, but that’s not always financially feasible, so you may want to consider other ways to lower your credit utilization and/or increase your available credit.  The first way is fairly straightforward – just pay down the balances on your credit cards until you’re below the 30% utilization score.

Or you can increase your total available credit by getting another credit card and then using it sparingly.  Oftentimes, people accomplish this by applying for a balance transfer card with a special interest free introductory period that will allow them to transfer one or more balances to the card, and then pay it off before the introductory period expires.  This move can save hundreds of dollars in interest over the course of a year or more – just be sure to pay it off before the introductory period expires!

Another option, for those of us whose credit isn’t really high enough to qualify for the balance transfer cards is to sign up for a regular credit card, or even a catalog shopping card like a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank as this too will increase your available credit and Fingerhut typically works with those of us with less than perfect credit.

(Fortunately, your credit utilization score is only calculated on credit cards and revolving charge accounts – your mortgage and auto loan isn’t taken into consideration.)

Fingerhut Credit Application

Single Parent? You’ll Want to Read This!

Being a parent costs a lot of money… being a single parent?  That requires some truly careful budgeting!  Did you know it costs nearly $175,000 for a single parent to raise one child from birth through the age of seventeen?  Between the cost of housing, child care, groceries, and transportation, there isn’t much left for extras, is there?  And then, when birthdays, graduations, and the holidays roll around, you’re scrambling to afford even the most meager gifts when you’d like nothing more than to give them the moon and the stars.

So, as a single parent, how do you afford the extras… you know, those few little luxuries that make life worthwhile?  That flat screen television, that gaming system, or even that special, brand name pair of tennis shoes that all the other kids are wearing this year?

Relax.  With Fingerhut, you can.  Fingerhut is the perfect solution to your single parent household budget.  Not only do they have hundreds of thousands of name brand, competitively priced items on their site, but you can actually see the monthly payment before you buy, so you’ll know exactly how much you will need to pay AND you’ll know if you can fit that amount into your budget.

Even better, Fingerhut works with single parents, those with less than perfect credit, and even those of us with little or no credit so that you can get what you need, when you need it, and pay for it over time.  Plus, Fingerhut regularly reports your responsible credit use to the three major credit bureaus, so over time, you might even see your credit score increase!

So go ahead, what are you waiting for?

Apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank.

(Oh, and did I mention that Christmas is only about six months away?  Better start planning for that now, too!)

Planning for Christmas Yet?

Are you planning for Christmas yet?

I know, that’s a scary thought, but are you planning for this year’s Christmas gift buying yet?  Especially if you don’t have the cash to buy all those gifts at once, you should either be saving like crazy now OR you should be working on your credit score so that when the holidays roll around again, you’ll have the credit that you need to do this year’s Christmas shopping.

Now, of course there are a couple of different ways that you could be saving for this year’s gift giving extravaganza.  The first and probably, the easiest way to save is to simply have a certain amount taken out of your pay check each week and put into either a savings account or onto a prepaid debit card that you don’t use until it’s time for Christmas shopping.  (I know, emergencies do arise, but if you don’t use the card, come October you’ll have a tidy little sum to shop with.

As far as prepaid cards go, there are a lot of options out there, but I like the Account Now Prepaid Gold Visa.  It’s easy to sign up for, easy to put money on, and the online interface is pretty neat.  And, once you start putting a certain amount on your prepaid card each week, it just gets easier and easier to keep going!

Apply now for your AccountNow® Gold Visa® Prepaid Card



The other way that you can start planning this year’s Christmas season is to start working on your available credit now so that when the time comes, you have the credit you need to buy the gifts that you want.  One of the best ways to get a fresh start on your credit and get the credit that you need for Christmas shopping is to apply for a Fingerhut Credit account.

Unlike a lot of online shopping sites, Fingerhut is known for extending credit to those with less than stellar credit scores, and unlike other catalog shopping sites, Fingerhut has hundreds of thousands of name brand merchandise, priced competitively, and they tell you up front what the monthly payment will be, so there’s no guesswork nor any surprises to wreck your budget.

And, if you open your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank now, you’ll be ready for Christmas shopping when it rolls around later!


Fresh Start Friday!

It’s Fresh Start Friday!  And there is no better way to get a fresh start on your credit than to open a Fingerhut Credit Account today!

That’s right.  Fingerhut is one of THE BEST ways to get a fresh start on rebuilding your credit.  Unlike a lot of other companies, Fingerhut approves nearly everyone for an account and in the rare event you aren’t approved?  They have a special program designed to get you back on track financially.

Why is Fingerhut your best bet for improving your credit score?

It’s actually pretty simple.  When you  open a Fingerhut Credit Account, they will report your new account to the credit bureaus, so you’ll show an available credit amount in the credit usage section.  Keeping your credit usage at or under 33% can really make a difference in your credit score.  So, when you’re approved, make sure your order is for about one third of your total credit limit.

Then, once you start making payments, you’ll build a payment history over time and this accounts for another 30% or so of your credit score.  The better your payment history, the better your credit score will look.

Even better, over time, you’ll find that Fingerhut will periodically review your account, and as long as you keep it in good standing, you may start to see regular increases in your credit limit.  Not only will that help your credit score, but then you’ll be able to get some really good deals on the hundreds of thousands of items available on Fingerhut.com.  And those are just a few of the reasons why Fingerhut is our best pick for your Fresh Start Friday.

But, don’t just take our word for it… check out their website, apply for your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank now!


New Fingerhut Promo Code!

It’s the beginning of a new month AND that means a new Fingerhut promo code is available for you to use when you sign up for a new Fingerhut Credit Account!

This month, Fingerhut is giving away a pair of waterproof Bluetooth speakers with your order of $100.00 or more.  What do you need to do to get these speakers?

It’s easy, simply go to the Fingerhut Credit Account site, answer a few questions, place your order of $100 or more, enter the promo code ROCKOUT, and you’re on your way to rebuilding your credit score while you enjoy these FREE waterproof speakers!

Why Fingerhut?  Why NOT Fingerhut!  Unlike a lot of these catalog shopping sites, Fingerhut has been around for decades, and you know that you can count on the quality of the merchandise, the service that you’ll get when you shop with Fingerhut, AND you won’t find many retailers with such competitive pricing, reasonable interest rates, or generous credit terms.

But hurry, this offer ends soon!

Get the credit you deserve and save $50 on your first order of $200 or more with a new Fingerhut Credit Account. Use promo code NC361. Limited Time Only. Offer Ends Soon.

Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank

Bad credit?  Don’t worry – FINGERHUT specializes in helping those of us with less than perfect credit!